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Bridesmaid dress shopping can be fun – really!  Today,  we’re going to give you some tips to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible.  This week is all about the bridesmaids,  but when it comes to picking the dresses,  we’re definitely going to be speaking to the bride and her bridal party today.

Yesterday, we talked about the difference between bridesmaid dresses and ready to wear dresses. When you know the difference, you can better understand the buying and ordering process.

Where to begin?  Before you head out to the stores, start at home. Look through bridal magazines and bridesmaids collection online.  Get an idea of what’s out there.  When you find a collection or two that fits your style, check the store locator list for the store nearest you. Then make your first appointment.

Who should you bring with you? Brides, for your first trip out to see collections, it’s a good idea to bring the Maid of Honor and maybe one other bridesmaid.  If your bridal party is small (2-3 girls), then maybe it’s ok to go as a group. If your bridal party is any larger, do not bring everyone to scout out dresses.  You’ll all just leave frustrated, confused and exhausted.

When you visit the bridal salon, the bridal consultant will discuss your wedding and style with you. She’ll want to know how many in your bridal party and their approximate size range.  This will help her (or him) to offer suggestions on what styles and fabrics work best for your vision. Do you have your heart set on a particular color? See which fabrics are offered in that color. That will help you narrow your choices.

Do you want your bridal party in all one dress style? Or do you want them to select their own dresses within your color/fabric range?  If you want your bridal party to all wear one style, pick 2-4 dresses that you like and let them choose from those.  If you want everyone in different styles, the bridal consultant can pull all dresses available in that color/fabric for your bridal party.

Once you’ve narrowed your selection, only then bring in your entire party for a second appointment.  By pre-selecting the styles that work for your wedding, you will  (hopefully) avoid the struggle of each girl trying to pick the dresses for you!

Bridesmaids that live out of town or out of state can be sent pictures of the dresses that you’ve chosen. If there is a store near them, they can go try them on. Speak to your bridal consultant and they will lead you through the process of working with out of town bridesmaids.

While we’re not going to tell you that finding the perfect bridesmaid dress(es) will be easy, it will go much smoother if:  Brides – have a vision for your wedding and stick to it. Bridesmaids:  Do what the bride says. 🙂





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