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New year, new you. At least that’s what all the post-New Year’s weight loss commercials would have you believe. As for me, I did think that the new year would bring a new life for my husband and me. Shortly before Christmas we found out that my husband had been offered a job in Burlington,Vermont. We spent Christmas and New Year’s Eve in our apartment and on New Year’s Day, we put in our 30 day notice.

After that we began preparing for the move. We posted our furniture on craigslist since we could not take it with us all the way across the country. We were worried that we wouldn’t be able to sell everything in time and it turned out that we started too early. Now we are down to the bare minimum, essentially just a mattress and a chair, as we wait out the rest of the month. It seems like we’ve been doing a lot of waiting recently. We are still waiting to hear when my husband starts work and when he has to train for the job. We’ve been waiting so long for this to happen, though, that a little more waiting won’t kill us.

As we start making plans, it’s hard not to be reminded of our first cross-country trip together. It was almost exactly three years ago when we moved from Virginia to Monterey, California. We had to sell all of our furniture then too, mostly things we had gotten from our parents when we graduated college and moved in together. We hadn’t even been dating two years when we packed up the car and began our four-day drive that had us stopping in Nashville, Amarillo, and Needles on our way here. Now, three years later and eight months after my husband graduated and started job hunting, we are ready to leave.

I remember being jealous of the brides I met who had their lives all planned out. Many of them had husbands who were officers in the military and they were going to be taken care of even if they did have to move all over the country. Being a military brat myself, and never much for stability, I was surprised how uncomfortable I was not knowing where we would be in the next month or the next year. We are still in a state of uncertainty now, but we are moving in the right direction. And that direction is East.


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I recently had a bride who was only a few days away from her wedding and was trying to put the last details together. When she found out that I had gotten married in March, she asked if I had any advice. Unable to think of anything that would be universally relevant, I said no. The fact is, everyone does things differently. That is not to say that I’m a complete relativist. If she had asked me something specific, I would not have held back from telling her exactly what I had done and how it worked out. But without knowing anything about her and her wedding, I found it impossible to give a single piece of advice that would make a diffference. Sure, I agree with most people, that you should take some time and enjoy it, that you shouldn’t lose sight of why you are getting married and so on, but such vague notions aren’t entirely helpful when you are only two days away from the big day. 

Would I have done anything differently if I were planning my wedding now? Of course. But that’s only because the wedding business changes constantly. If working in a bridal boutique has taught me anything, it’s that nothing is timeless. No matter who you are, your decisions will be affected by what is in style, what is popular, and what is current.

There was a gown that I loved before I was engaged that was discontinued once I was actually shopping. If I had gotten engaged just months earlier, that would have been my wedding gown. Now, nine months after my wedding, I see new gowns coming out all the time and wonder if there’s anything out there that’s better than my dress. And even if I haven’t found anything yet, you always wonder. Chance has a lot to do with it too. Which dresses happen to be in what store and which stores you chose to visit when can influence your choice even if you have something specific in mind.

Someday my children will look at my wedding pictures and laugh the way that I laugh at my parents’ very 80s wedding. My parents didn’t realize when they wed that their wedding was going to be dated. My mom once told me, “that’s just what people did back then!” Now there are certain things that people just do too, especially with weddings. Some trends are more obvious as trends, but nobody knows what the future will bring.

As nice as it is to think about the past, it’s too easy to get caught up in it. At this stage in my marriage I would much rather look ahead to the future than look back to the wedding. I have so much to look forward to that I don’t want to think about what could have been. I hope that all my brides get to a place where they can’t remember what went wrong or worry that it could have been better because they have much more important things to think about, like buying a house and starting a family. Even if you aren’t thinking about the future, just being happy in the present is the best way to go and definitely the best place to be.

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 We’ve been blessed with many wonderful brides and their bridal parties throughout 2012.  Chantel and her girls are definitely at the top of the list!

Chantel was married this past September.   She chose all Watters dresses for her wedding.   Chantel’s gown is “Bliss” from Watters Brides.  A softly fitted a-line in eggshell silk satin with just a touch of lace at the bodice.  The back is detailed with silk buttons from top to hem – a great detail to add to any gown!

We designed Chantel’s veil from our own veil collection – an elbow length mantilla style trimmed in lace matching her gown.  A truly elegant, timeless look and Chantel looks absolutely beautiful.

Chantel’s bridal party all chose different dresses from Watters Bridesmaids in a soft crinkle chiffon.  The color is “buff”. We love that the wedding look invokes a vintage feel with a modern twist in the bridesmaid mix and match dress selection.

We love when our brides share their wedding pictures. Thank you, Chantel! And a special credit to photographer, Julie Cahill.  Great pictures!

Thank you again to Chantel and her bridal party for choosing Epiphany Boutique. We thoroughly enjoyed working with you!

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Custom Veil designed by Epiphany Bridal Boutique

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Chantel and her bridesmaids in Watters


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