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The “Bustle”-ing Bride! How To Bustle Your Wedding Gown’s Train.




Most wedding gowns have a train. It might be a short sweep of a train or a full cathedral.  They’re beautiful, view regal and make a bride really feel like she’s wearing a “bridal” gown. While brides love the train for the walk down the aisle, ed the ceremony and pictures, sovaldi many wonder “what do I do with this train for the reception?”.  The very gorgeous solution is the bustle.

Before we show you some great bustles, let’s talk about the train. The bridal gown’s train is the length of fabric that extends off the back of the bridal gown. Sometimes it’s a sweep of unadorned fabric, sometimes it is embellished with lace and beadwork. Some trains are detachable, which means they are hooked on the gown. Then, when the bride is ready, she simply unhooks the train and is left with a full length gown with no train. Perfect to dance the night away. Most gowns though have full trains that are constructed as part of the gown. These are the ones that will need to be bustled.

There are basically two different types of bustles: the over-bustle (also known as the ballroom or American bustle) and the under-bustle (also known as the French bustle). While there are many variations of these two types of bustles, all gowns will have one of these two types. The final look of the bustle depends on the style of the wedding gown, length of train and preference of the bride. 

The following pictures show five very different wedding gowns, each with uniquely styled trains. Each bustle looks different, based on the style of the gown.  These give the bride some ideas of what to expect on her own wedding gown.  Bustling a bridal gown involves both skill and creativity. We hope these pictures give all brides a starting point with their own gowns. Talk to your alterations specialist about the options available and you will find the bustle that suits you and your bridal gown!

 The picture on the left is gown with full train.  The picture on the right is the gown bustled.













 Amazing how all that material can be swept up into a very pretty pouf! Would you like to have the perfect bustle on your wedding gown? Give us a call for more information at 831-626-7700 or email at info@epiphany-boutique.com.  At Epiphany Boutique, we are bustling and alterations experts!

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