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Welcoming Out of Town Wedding Guests

With family and get viagra without prescription friends living all over your home state or the country, sovaldi it’s almost guaranteed that a bride and groom will have wedding guests coming from out of town or out of state to attend the wedding. 

A great and very thoughtful way to greet your guests is with a personalized gift basket that is waiting for them at their hotel!  There are stores and companies who put together fabulous baskets for you or you can put together your own. The baskets don’t have to be extremely extravagant or expensive.  In fact, generic with a little thought and ingenuity, you can put a great one together for just a few dollars (or more, depending on your budget).  Also, you can personalize the baskets for your different guests.  For example,  if you know someone does not drink alcohol,  add sparkling juices or other beverage choices. 

Here are a few tips to get started. 

1.  Get some baskets (of course!).  Or maybe gift bags.  If you are having a beach wedding, how about sand pails – how cute would that be.  How can you personalize the container to your wedding?

2.  If you like, you can line or pad the basket with colored tissue paper.

3.  Start adding your items.  It’s a good idea to start collecting items over  in the months before the wedding date and then assemble your basket just before the week of your wedding.

4. A bottle (or two) of wine.  Don’t forget a small bottle opener.  Are there local wineries in your area?  They will probably give you a discount if you buy a case.  Ask them for pamphlets about the winery and add that to the basket. 

5.  Water.  Add a few small bottles.

6.  Snacks.  Nuts, cheese and crackers, fruit, chocolate and getting clomid online other munchies. If your area is known for some type of food, show off the local fare! Perishable items such as fruit or cheese should be added just before delivery of the baskets.

7.  A welcome note or card from you and your fiance. 

8.  Depending on the length of their visit, you can add information on things to see and do.  Your local chamber of commerce will have lots of material and pamphlets that you can pick up.

9.  A schedule of events surrounding your wedding, such as rehearsal time, rehearsal dinner location (and perhaps dress code), wedding time and location and any other activities you have arranged.  It’s best not to assume that your guests have all this information in their heads or calendars.  Provide everyone with a schedule and no one will be lost!

10.  If your guests are bringing children, add a special gift just for them.  Depending on their age, it could be a coloring book, small toy, etc.  Parents will love you! 

These are just a few suggestions and ideas.  You know your family and friends best.  How can you personalize their welcome and show your appreciation for their love and support in attending one of the most important events in your life? 

Once you have everything in your basket, wrap in up in clear or colorful plastic, tie it up with a bow and have the hotel deliver it to the rooms upon check-in.  What a welcome surprise it will be!

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  1. Carol says:

    Love the idea of a sand pail for a beach wedding.. it would be so cute and colorful too. We made them for our daughter’s wedding in Chicago and everyone loved them.. here’s how we did ours: http://www.celebrationideasonline.com/wedding-gift-bags-for-out-of-town-guests.html as you mentioned. we did them ourselves for only a couple of dollars and was well worth the effort when we saw how pleased our guests were to receive them!

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